Peer Review

One important role of the journal is to provide the opportunity for peer-review publication of articles submitted in a research context. These undergo rigorous editorial screening and blinded peer review. Referees, normally chosen for their expertise within the subject area, are asked to comment upon specialist content, on comprehensibility and on relevant contexts. A summary of the referees’comments will be provided in at least 6 weeks after submission, whether or not the article is accepted for publication.

Thus, manuscripts are reviewed by at least three reviewers. In the first round of peer reviewing, two reviewers must recommend at least publication with revisions for authors to be invited to resubmit their revised papers in less than 4 weeks. In the second round, both original peer reviewers must recommend publication of the paper as it stands. There are cases when a third reviewer is appointed due to a discrepancy in the recommendations of the initial two referees.

The Editors maintain final discretion over publication of all papers. The Editors are responsible for peer-review policies and selection criteria; however the authors of the manuscripts retain sole responsibility for the content, accuracy, and ethics of their work.