B.Literatura, Tomul X, Nr.1, 2004

„BATALIA CULTURALA" dintre neomodernismul estetizant SI postmodernismul revizionist
Mariana Boca
Universitatea „Stefan cel Mare”, Suceava

L’étude présente le conflit irreductible entre deux générations de critiques, en cherchent une alternative constructive, comme une troisième perspective possible sur la littérature roumaine áprès 1945. Lire dans l’esprit postmoderne signifie participer à la construction d’une nouvelle mémoire de notre passé culturel.

Conceptul de avangarda: cîteva delimitari necesare
Ovidiu Morar
Universitatea „Stefan cel Mare”, Suceava

This study intends to define more accurately the concept of avant-garde, by making a series of necessary delimitations: avant-garde / traditionalism, avant-garde / modernism, avant-garde / experimentalism, and avant-garde / postmodernism. If avant-garde can be defined in terms of „opposition and break” (E. Ionesco), as essential for it is negation, there is also a constructive aspect in any vanguard movement: after the old idols have been demolished, others new are raised instead. Any vanguard movement is revolutionary, and the revolution it proclaims is not only aesthetic, but also political, as its final purpose is man’s total liberation.

Muguras Constantinescu
Universitatea „Stefan cel Mare”, Suceava

In this article, the author analyses the main tendencies in the reflection upon translation, throughout the replies given by the theoreticians and the practitioners in the translation to the survey initiated by the ETIB (School of Translators and Interpreters of Beirut) entitled Pour dissiper le flou and published recently by the ETIB in Sources/Cibles collection.

Onoriu Colacel
Universitatea „Stefan cel Mare”, Suceava

Notre étude cherche à théoriser sur l’usage d’une possible compétence dans la communication culturelle contextualisée littérairement d’une part en tant que balancement entre l’uniformisation canonique et les réciprocités secondaires contemporaines et d’autre part, en tant qu’appel à la généalogie imaginable. Les deux approches se concrétisent dans l’échafaudage de la «tradition» du roman anglais dans la deuxième moitié du XXème siècle, tradition à observer également dans le triangle aventureux Fowles-Lodge-Ackroyd.

Universitatea „Stefan cel Mare“, Suceava

The purpose of this paper is to outline the intricate relationship between culture and criticism. While attempting a brief survey of the numerous definitions that culture has received in the (post-)modern society of recent years, as well as an analysis of the modern critic’s profile, it also tackles concepts such as “avant-garde”, “popular culture” and “non-culture”, all of which seem to be claiming - and taking - an ever-expanding place in the so-called cultural press of the new millenium.

Implicatiile parodicului în Tiganiada lui I. Budai-Deleanu
Daniela Petrosel
Universitatea „Stefan cel Mare”, Suceava

The work discusses the features of parodic discourse in I. Budai-Deleanu’ Tiganiada. We also fallow the linguistic implications of this process, taking into account the development of Romanian literary language. As far as the parodic relations are concerned, we discover two types of such relations: the first type is established between Tiganiada and some other texts, most of them belonging to the heroic genre, while the other one focuses on the connections between footnotes and the text’s main corpus. This text simultaneously deconstructs the sense of heroism from the target-texts and reconstructs it at the level of Vlad’s army.

Emily Mann’s Testimonies of Collateral Damage. Gender and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in Still Life
Marta Fernández Morales
Universidad de Los Illes Balears, Spania

Dans son livre Men, Women and Madness, Joan Busfield démontre qu’il y a une différence dans le diagnostic et le traitement des désordres mentaux des patients en fonction de leurs sexes. Dans sa pièce Still life de 1980 sur la guerre de Vietnam Emily Mann présente un couple de ‘walking wounded’: Le protagoniste masculin affirme à un certain moment dans le texte: ‘I’m shell-shocked’ dont il se sert pour justifier son comportement une fois rentré du champs de bataille. Ce qu’il n’avoue pas c’est que sa femme souffre d’une sérieuse affection Battered Woman Syndrome. Cet article analyse la voie qu’Emily Mann a choisie pour présenter deux formes de PTSD par l’intermédiaire des schémas théâtraux contenus dans la tradition documentaire; les deux formes sont causées par la guerre de Vietnam, mais expérimentées et mises en scène d’une manière différente en fonction du sexe, des constrictions et des pressions sociales.

Les incipits narratifs dans l'œuvre de Mimouni
California State University, USA

The beginning of a narrative text is a very important element in the construction and the development of the literary work. This is why the paper, by dealing with the novels of the contemporary Algerian writer Rachid Mimouni, underlines the importance of the incipit (from the latin “incipire”, to begin) within some of his most important writings (Le printemps n’en sera que plus beau; Une paix à vivre;L’honneur de la tribu;Une peine à vivre etc. ), as a strategic part which leads the way for the text to come.

Timpul în romanul de introspectie
Florian Bratu
Universitatea „Stefan cel Mare”, Suceava

Notre étude se propose d’illustrer un trait bien propre à l’écriture woolfienne qui assure sa différence par rapport à la création proustienne: la tentation de l’identité à se dissoudre dans l’univers; dans l’immensité du temps et de l’espace. L’histoire personnelle s’intègre dans l’écoulement du temps que chaque personnage ressent d’une manière personnelle et le temps du vécu devient dans le dire des êtres un temps poétique.

La dialectique de Gherasim Luca
Iulian Toma
Universitatea „Stefan cel Mare”, Suceava

This article attempts to establish a connection between Gherasim Luca’s poetical experiences, starting with 1952, and his theoretical principles as he expressed them in Romania, in the 40’s. “The open dialectics” acquires (a) meaning as opposed to any elapsed state or any future one, differing from “the natural dialectics”, which is always the repetition of the same pattern. G. Luca goes so far with this attitude, that he intends for it to become a real restructuring of the human psyche. Rendering language subject to the laws of this “open dialectics”, G. Luca had already published in Romania his first “poetical stammering exercises”, where, by simulating linguistic pathology, the utterance of each word was liable to be interrupted by the intrusion of a phonetically resembling word. Within this phonetical game, the significance was always latent.

Medierea cinematografica: o analiza semiotica a filmului lui Kubrick Portocala mecanica
Marius Gulei
Universitatea „Stefan cel Mare”, Suceava

The paper addresses a few issues raised by Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange from a semiotic standpoint with a view to identify the cinematic “codes of meaning” in the film. Thus, ranging from a structuralist approach to a feminist one, the paper investigates (comparatively, to a certain extent) the cinematic adaptation of Burgess’s homonymous novel, with its specific means of representation: settings, codes of dress, soundtrack, etc, which give a precious insight into the way Kubrick manages to put forward his own interpretation of the text.

Образ Богородиці у творчості Ольги Кобилянської та Наталени Королевої
Genoveva Volosciuc
Universitatea „Stefan cel Mare”, Suceava

The short stories “Jesus' Mother”, “The Fortune Tellers”, “Nature”, “The Footbridge”, “Mary's Accord” and “My Saviour” written by Olga Kobylianska and Natalena Coroleva present the writers' aspiration of transposing Jesus Mother's sanctity in the common details of a natural woman, the woman preoccupied with every-day cares. In the same time, the most representative features of the mother-woman are associated with those that Jesus' Mother embodies. It's expressed the characters' deep belief in the protection of the Virgin Mary in her defence in front of the risk of life.

Poezia lumii si lumea poeziei la Mircea Cartarescu
Petru Marian
Universitatea „Stefan cel Mare”, Suceava

Si libre et dsstructuré que soit le jeu du texte dans la post-modernité, il continuera de vivre de l’interaction diffuse, sinon des grands thèmes, au moins des grandes obsessions qui le surdéterminent. Le post-modernisme roumain arrivait avec le postulé d’un nouvel humanisme construit autour du principe de l’authenticité, en mettant les bases de toute une littérature du quotidien décrite également comme biographisme ou anthropocentrisme. Le même post-modernisme roumain, quelques fois des mêmes voix qui avaient annoncé un nouvel humanisme, cherche l’affirmation d’une poétique de type non-mimétique, textuelle. La tendance au prosaïsme, à la descente de la littérature dans la rue sont doublées d’un vaste goût néo-éclectique, récapitulatif de la littérature qui le précédait, accompagné par une attitude parodique-ironique, car la culture s’était transformée pour l’homme moderne dans la deuxième, sinon dans sa seule nature. Nous affirmerons que le sens final de la poésie de Cartarescu prend contour de la façon dont il sait concilier esthétiquement des tendances apparemment contraires, illustrées par la soi-disant poésie du quotidien et du texte.

Mihaela Arnat
Universitatea „Stefan cel Mare”, Suceava

Because the reflexive discourse upon the contemporary French novel is exceeded by a caustic derisive critical opinion, often ill-intentioned and unjustified, we submit to analysis a particular writer, David Foenkinos, and a novel, My Wife’s Erotic Potential. The beginning of the novel will be also analysed from a translational viewpoint.