Advisory Board

  • Nicolae MANOLESCU
    Member of Romanian Academy
  • Mihai CIMPOI
    Member of Romanian Academy
  • Prof. Jean BURGOS, PhD
    Chambéry - France
  • Prof. Alain MONTANDON, PhD
    Clermont-Ferrand - France
  • Prof. Jean-Paul MADOU, PhD
    Chambéry - France
  • Prof. Constantin GRIGORUT, PhD
    Otago – New Zeeland
  • Prof. Maria SLEAHTITCHI, PhD
    Balti – Republic of Moldavia
  • Prof. Mircea MARTIN, PhD
    University of Bucharest
  • Prof. Mircea MUTHU, PhD
    „Babes-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca
  • Prof. Ion POP, PhD
    „Babes-Bolyai” Unversity, Cluj-Napoca
  • Prof. Andrei CORBEA-HOISIE, PhD
    „Al. I. Cuza”University, Iasi
  • Prof. Cornel UNGUREANU, PhD
    West University, Timisoara
  • Prof. Al. CISTELECAN, PhD
    „Petru Maior” University, Târgu Mures

Call for Papers

Food Words and Stories


The first 2017 issue of the academic journal Meridian Critic invites scholarly articles that explore the universe of food, gastronomy and cuisine depicted by words, images and texts.

  • the imaginary of food, cooking and gastronomy;
  • culinary spaces and gourmand discourse;
  • globalization, McDonaldization and food imperialism;
  • manifestations of culinary syncretism;
  • the memory of taste and culinary nostalgia;
  • food consumption and the construction of identities;
  • urban and rural gastro-identity landscapes;
  • the discourse of phobias and cravings;
  • the discourse of cornucopia and scarcity;
  • narratives of hunger, famine and starvation;
  • food, gender and race;
  • tradition and innovation in culinary and gastronomy terminologies;;
  • the semantics of gastronomy lexis;
  • food categories and their projection in the imaginary of phrases and idioms;
  • the linguistic repertoire of food ecology;
  • culinary jargon.


Deadline for article submission: April 15th, 2017. We welcome papers in English, French, German, and Romanian. Please send the abstracts (ca 200 words), the full paper (up to 7000 words), as well as a brief biographical note (ca 400 words) to the following address:


For details regarding style, please visit the following page:


We also welcome book-length studies in the field of literature and linguistics, published in 2016, to be reviewed in our journal. Please send the books to the following address: Meridian critic, Facultatea de Litere şi Ştiinţe ale Comunicării, Universitatea „Ştefan cel Mare” Suceava, Str. Universităţii nr. 13, 720229 Suceava, Romania